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3 Things To Know About Check-Ins When Getting A Bail Bond

If you are in jail and your family decides to get you out of jail through a bail bondsman, you will have some big responsibilities ahead of you. One of the responsibilities you might have is keeping in contact with the bail bondman who bailed you out of jail, and this is often done through check-ins. Check-ins are not always needed with a bail bond, but they are in many cases, and here are three things you should know about them if you are out on bond.

What they are

Check-ins is a term used to describe the requirement a person may have after getting bailed out of jail through a bail bondsman, and this is a requirement set by the bail bond company. The key purpose of requiring a check-in is to make sure that the person, who is out on bail, is around and is doing what he or she is supposed to be. When the person checks in, the bail bond company can feel more secure about the client, and this helps reduce the risks the bail bond company has when offering a bail loan to someone who needs it.

The types of check-ins used by bail bond companies

There are several types of check-ins that bail bond companies use, and the most basic type is a telephone call check-in. The bail bondsman might require that the person call in every week or every month just to check in with the company. A second type is a physical check-in. With this type, the defendant must actually go in person to the bail bondsman to check in with them. There are also types of check-ins that are more in-depth and complex, and one example of this is a GPS monitoring system. With this, the person's phone, or something else, is tied to a GPS system which allows the bail bondsman to see where the person is at all times.

The factors that affect the type of check-ins you must use

The types of check-ins you may have to use will depend on the level of risk you are. If you are a low-risk defendant, you might only have to call in periodically, If you are a high-risk defendant, you may need more forms of check-ins.

If your bail bondsman requires check-ins, you must follow the instructions you are given. To learn more about bail bonds and the requirements you may have, contact a bail bondsman like those at ABC Bail Bonds.