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Recovering a Bail Jumper: Don't Do It Yourself

So, you posted bail for a family member, and he/she repays the favor by jumping bail and running away. Perhaps more disturbing is the fact that you cannot pay a bounty hunter to retrieve him/her. In fact, if you know where he/she is hiding out, you definitely​ should not try to retrieve him/her. Below are the steps you should follow if you know where the bail jumper is hiding out, as well as why you need to leave the apprehension of bail jumper to the professionals.

Call the Bail Bondsman

If the bail bondsman is also your bounty hunter, now is the time to call him/her into action. He/she should be the first person you call, not the police. That is because the bail bond agent can enter homes, apartments, and buildings that the police cannot enter under these circumstances. The bond agent can enter without warning, and do what it takes to apprehend the bail jumper. The police cannot do this, but they can can act as backup. In the meantime, keep your distance from the location of where the bail jumper is hiding. You do not want him/her to get spooked and run again.

​Call the Police for Backup

​If the bail bondsman instructs you to do so or gives you the okay, call local police. The police can act as backup if your relative is likely to run again. The police can also slowly and carefully monitor the place where your relative is hiding. Usually the police are able to make their observations inconspicuously. They can also wait outside until the bail bondsman arrives to apprehend the bail jumper.

​Why You Should Never Try to Apprehend the Bail Jumper Yourself

Even though you know the bail jumper and he/she is a family member of friend of your's, you should never try to apprehend him/her on your own. He/she ran away and is desperate to get away from the courts and the police. That means that he/she might do something unexpected or seemingly out of character from what you know about him/her. This includes knocking you unconscious or shooting you with a gun. It is far too dangerous to chase someone that is scared and on the run than it is to spot this person and call in the professionals. Stay safe by staying away and calling the bounty hunter and the police to take care of the matter.