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3 Things To Know About Using A Personal Loan To Rebuild Your Credit

If your credit is not currently as good as you would like, you might be interested in finding ways to improve it. There are many different options you could choose from to achieve a better credit score, but one good choice is taking a personal loan. A personal loan is a type of loan you can use for many reasons, and here are several things to understand about getting a personal loan and using it to help rebuild your credit.

What Is a Personal Loan?

The first thing you should understand is that a personal loan is typically an unsecured loan that you can take for any reason you may have. When a loan is unsecured, it means that you do not need collateral for the loan. Secured personal loans are also available, and these require some type of collateral, such as a house, car, or other valuable asset.

When you get a personal loan, you will have to make payments because personal loans are considered installment loans. The loan payments will all be the same, and they can last for a year or longer. In most cases, personal loans last for around three years.

How Does This Help Improve Credit?

Taking a personal loan is a great way to improve your credit score as long as the lender posts your loan and your payments to the credit bureaus. If your lender posts your information to the credit bureaus, it will help your score increase as long as you make your payments on time each month. Every time you make a payment on a loan, it gets credited towards your payment history, and your payment history makes up a good portion of your credit score.

How Do You Get a Personal Loan with Less than Good Credit?

To get a personal loan, you will need to find a lender and apply. Before you do this, though, you should look up your credit so you can see where you stand. If you have poor credit, there is still a chance the lender will approve you for a loan; however, the interest rate you get on the loan might be higher than the rate a person would get with great credit.

Personal loans are available from many lenders, and they are offered to people with all types of credit. To learn more, contact a lender like US Community Credit Union to get started with the application process.